An instant, all-natural looking, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and perennially lush garden.

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Artificial grass is an alternative to a natural lawn. Our synthetic grass installations excel in appearance and performance. Get a free estimate from Vibrant Landscapes Artificial Grass Birmingham today.

We are experienced artificial grass installers and specialise in installation for both residential and commercial properties. We have provided 100% satisfaction to homeowners and business owners in the Birmingham area.

We want you to enjoy your outdoor spaces as much as possible, regardless of the season. Contact us today to discover more about how we can change your landscape into a cosy, peaceful, low-maintenance, attractive oasis.

Vibrant Landscapes has over two decades of experience with artificial grass installation and a long list of delighted customers, each with a stunning artificial lawn. It’s no surprise that Birmingham residents and business owners consistently choose us as their favourite artificial grass company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!


Artificial Grass Installers in birmingham

Artificial grass has gained popularity in Birmingham and the Midlands in recent years. The key reason is that artificial grass is eco-friendly, created from recyclable materials, pet and child safe, and requires little to no care. The best part is that its attractiveness is consistent throughout the seasons.

We have worked hard to be one of Birmingham’s top artificial grass businesses, striving to be the best at all we do. From putting together a great team to making sure every customer is happy and offering high-quality products and services at prices, people can afford.

Our experts can assist you with anything from product selection to fitting and installation.

We have successfully finished many residential and commercial artificial grass installations. Therefore, we possess the expertise to complete your project to your satisfaction.

Our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction. More than eighty percent of our business originates from referrals made by satisfied customers, so you can rest assured that we place a premium on producing only the highest quality work. Our organisation consistently provides personal, professional, and courteous services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Excellent results can only be achieved via meticulous planning of your base ground. We’re proud of the fact that we build a complete, well-functioning base for your lush green garden. You can be sure that your project is handled by people who know what they’re doing.



Artificial grass can be utilised in practically any situation, from pathways and jogging trails to business events, school playgrounds, decking replacements, and more.

Since we started our company, our installation teams have built a reputation for excellent service and artificial grass installation, grass suppliers and solutions that always exceed expectations. We are the only artificial grass experts you’ll ever need.



Our Artificial Grass Products are Available Throughout Birmingham and The West Midlands


Artificial grass gives you freedom from tiresome lawn maintenance. Available in different grades and in quality, all of which we will discuss with you before commencing with any works.

Our customers can choose from the basic, budget friendly, essential grass and our premier artificial grass.

Our artificial turf process is detailed below:

  1. It is important to get rid of the existing lawn from the garden space
  2. Installation requires a timber frame for the base. The timber or wooden frame must be a minimum of 2”x1”. The timber stakes are driven into the ground and the height is adjusted using galvanised nails to fix it in place. The top of the timber batons are then sawed off
  3. The base needs a minimum of 3 inches of a compact zone. It needs to be smooth. The level of the compact should be just below the edge of the baton
  4. We use a layer of sand and smoothen the surface once again. This is the final bed to lay the artificial grass on.
  1. Install weed barrier on top of the sand compact to avoid future weed issues. Secure the barrier with galvanised nail
  2. The final installation involves analysing the best way to lay the lawn. Once decided, we will lay the lawn onto the bed and cut it precisely corner to corner. Secure the lawn with galvanised nails to the baton at a distance of 40 cm average to have a perfect fit.
  3. On finishing the laying and securing of the grass, we will clean off the grass and leave you with a great looking, fully functional artificial lawn ready to be enjoyed and used for years to come.