Regular or one-off grass cutting services available.

Grass cutting and mowing services in Quinton

Would you like to get your grass mowed in Quinton at an incredible price? Remember - for your garden to look amazing, your lawn has to look spectacular! When you cut your grass often, your lawn will maintain its outstanding look and health.

Our grass cutting Quinton service is the best the region has to offer. It's lawn mowing on another level and it won't break the bank.

Vibrant Landscapes can help you achieve a jaw dropping garden that is the envy of everyone who sees it. We can give you a straightforward cut or go that extra mile and add stripes and other features.

If you have your lawn mowed regularly, the overall health and look will be improved. Vibrant are not only excellent value for money, our professionals love their job and they may also have great tips and ideas.

The individual blades of grass are encouraged to develop denser and expand every time your grass is cut. Produce a lavish, thick, woven lawn. Get in touch today for our lawn mowing services in Quinton.

Grass cutting sounds straightforward (and it can be) but factors such as mowing height and regularity also play their part. When your grass is cut too short - your grass gets stressed. Stress will discourage rooting and encourage undesirable weeds and moss to thrive. Another factor to keep in mind is how well maintained the cutting equipment is. Blades should be sharpened and maintained.

Don't want the stress? Is your time too valuable? For the cost of a couple of large Big Mac meals, vibrant can cut the grass for you!

We offer our grass cutting services to both commercial and domestic clients. As described earlier, vibrant can simply cut your grass or introduce elaborate styles, shapes and aeration. We always aim to minimise inconvenience. We complete our grass cutting quickly, whilst maintaining our strict quality standards. No other company in Quinton cuts grass or lawns to the quality that we do.

Let us do the work and cut the grass for you

  • Value for money

    Our grass cutting services start at only £15!
  • Professional equipment

    We provide and bring all the equipment needed.
  • 7 days per week

    We operate 7 days per week (our weekends fill up fast in the summer months)!
  • Flexible grass cutting services

    We can cut your grass even in your absence. All we need is access to your lawn.

Let's make your grass look and feel Vibrant!

Having your grass cut by us will impress all who see it! We guarantee it!

Every member of our grass cutting Quinton team is professional, helpful and full of ideas. We will revitalise your lawn into an awe-inspiring masterpiece, that may have the neighbours green with envy (no pun intended)! Our grass cutting choices are such outstanding value for the money that it's a service you simply don't want to do without.

As a company we offer a range of grass cutting services, hopefully with something suitable for everyone. Below are the 2 main services that we offer. Please note that custom services are also provided if needed.

  • We can provide you with a one-off grass cutting service. This is suitable if you simply want to reduce over grown areas and re-discover the original lawn. Ongoing garden maintenance will then be carried out by the homeowner.
  • We can also provide a tailored grass cutting and edging service. Detailed below:
    • A weekly grass cutting and lawn mowing Quinton service
    • A fortnightly grass cutting service
    • A monthly grass cutting service, suitable for just keeping the grass short




"Absolutely amazing service provided by Vibrant Landscapes! We inherited our jungle of a garden from the previous homeowner. Vibrant removed 3 old sheds, cut down tress, shrubs and grass that looked like it belonged in the Amazon. Leveled the ground, turfed some high quality grass and landscaped the sides! Not to mention some fencing - great service, outstanding value for money and they arrived ON TIME!"

Tal Nedjat

Garden Landscaping Client
“We employ Vibrant's grounds maintenance services bi-weekly. Our clients and guests constantly comment on the beauty and tranquility of our surroundings. Highly recommended."


Commercial Grounds Maintenance Client

Samantha Brown

Grass Cutting Client
“The lads at Vibrant cut our grass on a monthly basis. We have a big garden in Kings Norton and just don't have the time to maintain and for £25 once a month - it's a no-brainer!
We needed a one off grass cutting service. We had just moved into our new house and the grass in the garden was literally 4 feet high. The garden is half the size of a football field, we didn't have the time or the professional tools. Vibrant landscapes handled everything for us. Can't recommend them enough.

Joe Burns

Grass cutting in Kings Heath


Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can make your garden VIBRANT!