Display Project for EH Smiths

We’re proud to share details of an engaging exhibition project we undertook for our long-time supplier, EH Smith Builders Merchants. Having a decades-long association with them, we’ve constantly relied on EH Smith for quality materials and found it gratifying to showcase their expansive range of landscaping products through this project.

Within this setup, you can witness a dynamic display that houses varied products, each bringing a distinct look and feel to the landscapes. This exhibit features a diverse assortment of porcelain and concrete slabs, each meticulously chosen for their individual aesthetic appeal and durability.

Porcelain slabs, celebrated for their sleek look and resilience, were a distinct part of the display. The slabs exhibit superior strength, low-maintenance needs and a modern appeal, truly catering to a variety of landscaping enquiries we field from clients looking to lend contemporary grace to their spaces.

Concrete slabs, the workhorses of the landscaping world, comprises an integral part of this EH Smith product demonstration. Their inherent strength and versatility make them suitable for a wide span of applications, from footpaths to patios.

Moreover, our showcase extended beyond slabs – featuring an inviting selection of block pavers and elegantly designed garden walls. With the versatility and visual appeal of block pavers, and the robust, practical beauty of various garden wall designs, we aimed to provide viewers a glimpse into the creative possibilities available when using these EH Smith products.

Here at Vibrant Landscapes, our association with EH Smith Builders Merchants doesn’t merely provide us with high-quality materials, but allows us to bring to life the visions that our clients hold for their landscapes, truly adding vibrancy to every project we handle.


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