What’s better than having instant gratification when it comes to your garden? Hire a professional turf expert to lay your lawn, so you can enjoy a vibrant, thriving garden that can last for years. 

Our professionals will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your new lawn is laid exactly the way you want. They’ll help you choose from a variety of turf depending on how much sunlight and water the area receives, as well as how much traffic it gets. Once they’ve laid your turf and tackled all the prep work, they’ll also show you how to care for your new lawn so it continues to thrive and look its best.

If you want a beautiful lawn that will last for years and require minimal garden maintenance, then give us a call today! Our professional team of turf laying Birmingham experts will help get your new lawn started today.


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our garden turf laying service

An appealing, healthy lawn and turf is a beautiful addition to any garden. Whether you want to improve the look of your existing lawn or need a full redesign and installation, we can help.

what we provide:

It’s time to give your garden that brand-new look. And there’s no better way to do it than with a fresh layer of lush, green turf.

lawn of your dreams

First, they’ll clear the surface from weeds, old turf, plants, tree work and debris so that you can start with a clean canvas. If there are any hard surfaces in your garden (such as decking, pavers or slabs), they can also remove them for you.

The next step includes site levelling where needed. The landscapers will add or remove soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope. Once everything is perfectly levelled, they’ll cover the ground with a layer of topsoil—the base for optimum turf roots establishment.

And then comes the real transformation: turf laying! The specialist will lay the turf rolls without gaps in between rolls so that you have that uniform lawn look at all times.

Finally, your garden will be edged neatly so that it all fits beautifully with the rest of your outside space.


Artificial Turf Installation Birmingham

If you love the look of a lush lawn but hate the time it takes to keep up with lawn care, artificial grass is a great alternative. Artificial grass is ideal for homeowners who travel often or otherwise lack time to care for their turf, but still want to enjoy an impeccable lawn. It’s also pet and child-friendly, so you can let your kids and pets play outside all they want without worrying about them tracking mud into the house.

When you sign up for an artificial grass installation service, this is what you can expect:

Site Clearance – Weed removal including plants, debris or other materials that have built up in your yard. Tree work if required.

Leveling – If necessary, we will remove soil from low areas and add soil to high areas to ensure proper leveling. We will also add a hard base and sand and compact it for extra stability.

Weed Prevention – No one wants weeds growing through their new lawn! To keep weeds away from your new turf, we will lay down an anti-weed membrane before installing your fake grass.

Stability – A frame of joist will be installed by our landscaping team to provide a more stable foundation for your new turf. We will also add sharp sand over the frame to keep it



Artificial turf is great for sports and social activities. It provides a perfect landscape for various ball games like football, handball, badminton or even lawn bowling. It’s a perfect way to design one’s own mini golf course. The turfs use can be extended to other group activities like yoga, meditation and other sessions that involve sitting on the ground.


Artificial lawns and turfs are now more sustainable and advanced with better grade materials used to manufacture the grass blades that look fresher and last longer and also with more efficient drainage system. What it means is easier turf and garden maintenance (no need for landscaping services moving forward) with less dirt, animal waste, and other pollutants that troubles natural grass.

The hassles and expenses of maintaining a perfect turf lawn are no more. No worries of mowing and edging the lawn. No worries of the lawn getting damaged because of weather, naughty pets digging, re-patching the dead zones around and pest control to keep the lawn healthy.

Artificial Turfing provides a great option for a better looking lawn that feels as good and as real and requires minimal landscaping services or lawn care. The time saved on the other activities can be used to enjoy the lawn in solitude or with friends and family making it a quality endeavor. Call us today!


Vibrant Landscapes have completed hundreds of turfs and lawns.

We will also safely and legally dispose of your garden waste. Call us on: 07870 352898 or fill in the form.

We operate throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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